Does phoenix arizona have a beach?

Phoenix's beaches are unique in that they not only allow you to enjoy the coast, but they also offer you activities. From swimming to adventure sports in heavy water, you can enjoy a number of things around you. Are there beaches in Arizona? Absolutely, and many of Arizona's beaches are absolutely stunning. Centennial Beach was transformed into a pristine sandy beach with more than 1800 tons of Colorado River sand, making it one of the most popular beaches in Arizona, especially during the summer.

While you're in the area, explore West Wetlands Park, which spans a massive 110-acre area. It's a 250-acre park of deep blue water dotted with picnic areas, trails, boats and camping sites that are sure to provide a fun-filled day. E 1st St %26 S Gila Syuma, AZ 85364 (92) 373-5204 AZ-95Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406 (92) 855-1223.There are even beaches in Phoenix or beaches near Phoenix that are worth a visit, especially when the temperature starts to get high, hot. Lake Havasu has nearly 11,000 acres, the largest of Western Arizona's state parks, which means it provides Arizona with much of its waterfront property.

Both Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, are less than 220 miles by car to Rocky Point, which is what gringos call Puerto Peñasco.

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