Does Phoenix AZ Get Snow? A Comprehensive Guide

Yes, it's true - Phoenix, Arizona does get snow! Although it's rare, the most snow Phoenix has ever seen was one inch in January 1937.That day, about an inch of snow fell in downtown Phoenix and several inches in undeveloped areas of the Valley. Since then, trace quantities of snow have been recorded in the city, with the most recent being 0.4 inches in December 1990. If you're looking to experience snow near Phoenix, your best bet is to head to Prescott or Sedona. Generally speaking, you can expect to see snow in Arizona from November to April.

The best time to visit for a chance of snowfall is usually from January to March. The most popular place to play in the snow is Flagstaff. However, there are also lesser-known areas near Greer and south of Phoenix, near Tucson, in Mt. Lemmon.

So if you're looking for a winter wonderland experience, you don't have to go far from Phoenix! With a bit of luck and some planning, you can enjoy a snowy day in Arizona.

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