15 Things to Know Before Moving to Phoenix, Arizona

If you're planning to move to Phoenix or just want to learn more about what makes this sunny spot so special, there are 15 things you need to know. Geographically speaking, there are the city of Phoenix and downtown Phoenix, then there are the surrounding valleys. This is what makes up Greater Phoenix, the entire area, which measures approximately the size of Delaware and comprises more than 20 cities and towns, including Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa and Glendale. With mild winters, Phoenix is loved by snowbirds and anyone who wants to escape the winters.

Phoenix is relatively affordable for a big city with cheaper rentals than many other cities.As you can imagine, in a city as big as Phoenix, there are several options for your children to go to school. Maricopa County has nearly 1,000 schools in its districts, so consult a real estate agent or conduct an independent investigation to find the best option for your situation. Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert, a piece of land that covers approximately 100,000 square miles and includes most of the southern half of Arizona, southeastern California, most of the Baja California Peninsula, the Gulf of California and a significant part of Sonora, Mexico.With more than 200 courses and home to the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the PGA's largest annual event, there's no shortage of ways to hit the golf courses or see the pros in action. And for those who like to be closer to nature, Phoenix has more than 180 urban parks and more than 33,000 acres of desert reserves.

There are several hiking trails in the Phoenix Mountain Reserve, or you can kayak on Tempe Town Lake. To see wildlife in their natural habitat, visit the Desert Botanical Garden.Phoenix consistently ranks among the top ten fastest-growing cities in the country. It's also a relatively affordable city, making it a great place to move if you're tired of a more expensive city, want to get out of a rural area, or just want more sunshine in your life. The average high temperature in Phoenix in July exceeds 104 degrees.

In January, the coldest month in Phoenix, the average low temperature is just over 43 degrees. For most of the year, heat reigns in Phoenix. However, it's not damp, so you don't have to worry about frizzy hair if you're thinking of moving to Phoenix.It's no surprise that Arizona is one of the top states people move to. Phoenix is the land of year-round pool parties, delicious Mexican food, and plants that require very little watering, but true Phoenicians know there's a lot more to this sunny, dependable city than just that.

We spoke to three Redfin real estate agents in Phoenix to find out what they love and hate about the Grand Canyon State Capitol.Attend Arizona State University (ASU), with campuses in Phoenix and Tempe, as well as 14 nationwide graduate programs ranked in the top 10.Cheer on the Phoenix Suns (NBA) and the Phoenix Mercury (WNBA), both at the Talking Stick Resort Arena. So while there are plenty of fun things to do in Phoenix it's important to note that suburban Phoenix offers additional attractions that Phoenix residents generally recognize as part of the city.Try top-notch comfort food such as beef rib stew in the heart of downtown Phoenix at The Arrogant Butcher considered one of the best restaurants in Phoenix. Yes there are buses and light rail but Phoenix and particularly Greater Phoenix is best navigated in a vehicle.The current population of Phoenix is almost 1.8 million people and the metropolitan population of Phoenix is approximately 5 million people. Another thing to know about Phoenix is that most of Arizona doesn't observe daylight saving time to ensure nights are cool enough for activities.Family fun in Phoenix at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix with rides and play areas like the Bahama Blaster Splash Island and a whitewater rafting experience Big Kahuna.

Depending on your perspective urban wildlife in Phoenix is dangerous or an advantage of living in Phoenix.Given the growing problem with adequate water that Arizona will have and the increase in heat with climate change, I find it surprising that so many people move to the Phoenix area. Phoenix's labor market is also diverse with Phoenix's largest companies spread across several industries such as aerospace financial services healthcare and more.Or visit Phoenix's iconic hiking destinations at Camelback Mountain named for the silhouette it projects onto the Arizona Valley skyline. Joe Arpaio has been the sheriff of Maricopa County since 1993 and has aroused some controversy during his time.He has been accused of abuse of power lack of investigation of sexual crimes misuse of funds illegal enforcement of immigration laws and more He has also been found guilty of racial profiling and his jails have been declared unconstitutional twice Oh and he ordered that all the underwear issued by prisoners be pink Despite that he still has a lot of advocates in Arizona.Similarly if you're looking for a white Christmas this may not be the place for you It saw no snow until 1898 and accumulations of 0 1 inch or more have only occurred a total of eight times So while there are plenty of fun things to do in this sunny spot it's important to note that suburban areas offer additional attractions that residents generally recognize as part of this dependable city.

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