5 Reasons to Move to Phoenix, Arizona

Are you considering a move to Phoenix, Arizona? With its affordable cost of living, ample employment opportunities, and fast-growing infrastructure, the Phoenix-Metro area is a thriving hub for living, working and entertaining. Here are 5 reasons why you should make the move to Phoenix.First, many people head south to spend their retirement years and Arizona is a popular choice for seniors looking to soak up the sun and heat. Phoenix offers a variety of affordable housing, perfect for retirees living on a fixed income. In addition, property taxes in Phoenix are reasonably low.

Seniors can easily access all basic needs and services without the need to travel around the city and access many recreational areas that offer programs and facilities, ideal for retirees.Second, with Arizona's growing problem with adequate water and increasing heat with climate change, it's surprising that so many people are still moving to the Phoenix area. Fortunately, the state of Arizona has mostly returned to its pre-pandemic state, good news for job seekers and prospective Phoenix residents. If you like music or the arts, especially in downtown Phoenix specifically, there are several theaters, ballet, symphony. Thousands of residents who reside in Phoenix are also employed by many of these financial and insurance companies that have offices in the greater Phoenix area.Third, we have many James Beard winners and nominees who work in Phoenix and have restaurants in Phoenix.

Fourth, most Phoenix residents own a home. According to NerdWallet data, the city of Arizona has a 58.5 percent homeownership rate, a percentage higher than cities like Philadelphia (54.9 percent), San Diego (49.2 percent) and Dallas (45.2 percent). Finally, younger guests can enjoy attractions such as the Arizona Science Center, the OdySea Aquarium or the Phoenix Zoo.

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