Is phoenix a good city to live in?

Thanks to its growing population and strong local economy, it's a popular place for everyone, from young professionals to families and, yes, retirees. And it wasn't just that year. Is Phoenix a good place to live? Without a doubt, it is an ideal place to visit. More than 16 million people travel to the greater Phoenix area every year.

In fact, a good number of those tourists become residents, which helps solidify the area as a transplant city. Moving to Phoenix was a deliberate choice for many of its 1.6 million inhabitants, and it will be difficult to find a ton of native Phoenicians who grew up in the area. Hang out with friends at The Grand in Phoenix and explore the speakeasy coffee shop, bar, ballroom, beer garden and outdoor stage. Attend a classic jazz or new music concert, weekly jam jazz sessions, workshops, masterclasses and clinics at The Nash.

Relax at Cityscape, Phoenix, a 50,000 square foot shaded park, splash pad, water fountains, patriots wall of honor and event plaza at Patriots Park Splash Pad. Enjoy a vintage car dealership turned concert venue that has hosted artists like Billie Eilish, Kacey Musgraves, Brockhampton and more at The Van Buren Phoenix. Stroll through the tea house and garden of the 3.5-acre Japanese garden, the 12-foot waterfall, the koi pond with more than 300 koi fish and more than 50 varieties of plants at the Phoenix Garden of Japanese Friendship. Do some shopping in downtown Phoenix to buy vintage clothing for men and women, from the 1920s to the 1990s, at Antique Sugar.

Relax in an urban park that offers some of the best things to do in downtown Phoenix, with a 145-foot aerial sculpture with a gradually changing light design and events such as pajamas in the park at Civic Space Park. No matter what your interests are, there are sure to be museums in Phoenix to satisfy your curiosity. Visit The Heard Museum, dedicated to the advancement of American Indian art, with stories of American Indians presented from a first-person perspective along with exhibitions of traditional and contemporary art. See collections of Asian, American, European and Latin American art at one of Phoenix's best museums, the Phoenix Art Museum.

Spend an afternoon walking an interpretive trail around the remnants of the Hohokam people's prehistoric ball game and platform, as well as attend the annual Indian Market, at the Pueblo Grande Museum. See more than 8,000 instruments from more than 200 countries and play some of them in the Experience Gallery of the Musical Instrument Museum. Ride through a vast collection of cars, including the 1963 Pontiac Catalina driven by Roger Penske and the 1985 Ford March driven by Danny Sullivan, as well as trophies and memorabilia from racing at the Penske Racing Museum. Dive into the history of firefighting with collections of fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire vehicles and more in the Hall of Flame.

Raising a family in Phoenix? Spend a day at the OdySea Aquarium, where you can interact and observe penguins and otters, or touch different types of fish, rays and anemones. Play an interactive marketplace, Texture Cafe, Noodle Forest, climbing structures and more at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. Plan a day of family fun at the Phoenix Zoo, with animals such as African lions, jaguars, orangutans, giraffes and more. Enjoy children's theater at Valley Youth Theater, with opportunities to see shows, auditions, or attend camps and performing arts classes.

Find learning opportunities, from permanent exhibits on the human body, flight science, money and nature, to other rotating exhibits at the Arizona Science Center. Family fun in Phoenix at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix with rides and play areas like the Bahama Blaster, Splash Island and a whitewater rafting experience, Big Kahuna. Best Neighborhoods for Families in Phoenix Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix for Retirees Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix for Singles%26 Young Professionals. The good weather in Phoenix is conducive to a fun and satisfying lifestyle.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast who likes to hit the track at sunset to catch one of those iconic Arizona skies, or a golfer looking to perfect your swing, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in Phoenix. Nightlife in Phoenix is also on the rise, with residents often flocking to Scottsdale at night to grab a bite to eat and hang out in the bars. Many young people even choose to live in Scottsdale specifically because of the easy access and walking ability to its nightlife. Join the fun of Phoenix's free two-day event with live music lineup, hands-on community art project, local art to buy, and food trucks at the Phoenix Festival of the Arts.

Renowned for their beautiful weather and year-round sunshine, Phoenix homes often have swimming pools to offer comfort in the face of the heat. In fact, the Valley of the Sun is one of the best cities for Airbnb real estate and property investment, thanks to Phoenix's low property tax rate of 0.61%, compared to the U. This area is much more relaxed compared to limited parking options in major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York. Listen to movements by historical composers like Beethoven and Shostakovich, and sheet music from films like Jurassic Park at The Phoenix Symphony.

The Valley Metropolitan Transit System provides transportation services throughout downtown Phoenix and the areas. Recently, technology companies such as Uber, Yelp, and Shutterfly have opened offices in the greater Phoenix area, and Amazon has a fulfillment center there. Phoenix is home to incredible attractions, outdoor adventures and cultural experiences that attract more than 16 million tourists a year. If you're thinking of moving to the area, Landing offers fully furnished apartments in Phoenix, all with flexible lease terms that make moving easy.

Arizona State University has campuses in Glendale, Mesa, downtown Phoenix and its main campus in Tempe. In April, CNBC reported that the trend of moving to Phoenix continued during the pandemic, citing data shared by LinkedIn and U-Haul. Insider spoke to several Phoenix residents of different ages to find out what it's really like to live in the city and why people love it so much. The coldest month in Phoenix is January, with average daytime lows of 46° Fahrenheit (and daytime highs of 67° Fahrenheit).

Book a tee time at a public golf course in Phoenix, where you can enjoy 18 great ones or even learn some tips from the world-class golf academy at Legacy Golf Club. . .

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