Is phoenix az a dangerous place to live?

YES, but on the condition that tourists use caution and avoid hazardous areas in Phoenix (see below). Many of these houses are full of residents who have lived there for sixty years and have no plans to leave. You'll find a lot of working class families and elderly families in neighborhoods like Alahambra and Encanto, and often, once you know the area, you see that it's quite safe, as long as you're aware. And shouldn't we all do it no matter WHERE we live? The closer you get to the real mountain part of South Mountain, the safer it becomes.

In fact, there are some beautiful houses nestled in the foothills of the mountains, which put residents right on the doorstep of nature if they want to go out and enjoy hiking or eating in the outdoor backyard. Like in any neighborhood, you just need to be very attentive and do your research before you move. In the 1950s, Maryvale was laid out and projected to be Phoenix's first master-planned community. Designed to be a comfortable and safe place for middle-class families, the atmosphere of “Pleasantville” never took root in this neighborhood.

Throughout the decade, it continued to be a rather unsafe area, and sometimes it was worse than others, when violent crime rates were always high. With the emergence of other neighborhoods around Maryvale (especially Glendale) and increasing property values, it has improved significantly. There are still a lot of crimes, but it tends to be vandalism and property crimes, unlike violent crimes such as shootings, assaults and domestic violence. According to residents, a fair amount of gunfire is still heard in Maryvale, so obviously violent crime hasn't been completely abolished.

Maryvale borders the lower edge of the Glendale neighborhood, a well-known safe place to raise a family and call home. Glendale is one of Phoenix's most popular areas and has done an excellent job cultivating a family atmosphere, which has undoubtedly elevated living situations in neighboring cities. The urban town of Alhambra was one of the first subdivisions of Phoenix and, like Maryvale, experienced most of its growth in the mid-20th century. In the 1940s and 1950s, this neighborhood experienced a population boom, as military families stationed at nearby Luke Air Force Base thought it seemed like a great place to call home.

To attract these families with a small military budget, housing was built for low-income people, many of whom are still standing today. With homes over 60 years old, it's still a fairly affordable place to live. Affordability keeps you in the low-income category, and many low-income areas are subject to crime. Encanto is a quiet neighborhood, and while it's on our list of the worst neighborhoods to live in Phoenix, it's definitely the least of some evils.

Crimes in Encanto tend to be non-violent home invasions and property theft. It's common to steal things or graffiti in Encanto, but it's quite rare to get assaulted at gunpoint. Some of the old houses with neglected patios give the area a look that is not at all pleasing to the eye. Encanto is full of people of all ages, but there are a particularly large number of families who have been there for a long time, and they like the area for all its peculiarities.

Many locals say they feel completely safe riding their bikes and walking around the neighborhood. While it's a quieter neighborhood, it's still not a place where young children play alone on the street. After all, remember that Phoenix is a big city and, like Los Angeles or Chicago, it's not the same for children growing up in the city as it is for suburban sprawl in the Midwest. Even so, Encanto is still a place where you can own a home at an affordable price, as long as you make sure to close the doors at night, and maybe close the bikes.

Downtown Phoenix (Downtown) is a small neighborhood that is within the greater Central City district (included in Phoenix Hazardous Neighborhoods). This hotel is less than 800 minutes' drive from the Phoenix Convention Center and 800 minutes' drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. He is planning a trip to Arizona and wonders where are the dangerous neighborhoods and the best areas to stay in Phoenix. Care must be taken, as Phoenix has heavy vehicles and there is an uncontrolled number of pedestrian fatalities in the South Phoenix area.

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