Is Phoenix AZ a Dangerous Place to Live?

Phoenix, Arizona is a great place to live, but like any big city, it has its share of dangerous areas. Tourists should use caution and avoid hazardous areas in Phoenix, such as Downtown and South Phoenix. However, many of the neighborhoods in Phoenix are quite safe, as long as you're aware of your surroundings. Alahambra and Encanto are two neighborhoods that are full of working class families and elderly families who have lived there for decades.

These areas are generally safe, but it's important to do your research before moving into any neighborhood. Maryvale was once projected to be Phoenix's first master-planned community, designed to be a comfortable and safe place for middle-class families. Unfortunately, this atmosphere never took root in this neighborhood and it continued to be a rather unsafe area throughout the 1950s. However, with the emergence of other neighborhoods around Maryvale and increasing property values, it has improved significantly.

While there is still a lot of crime in Maryvale, it tends to be more vandalism and property crimes than violent crimes such as shootings, assaults and domestic violence. Glendale is one of Phoenix's most popular areas and is known for being a safe place to raise a family. This has undoubtedly had a positive effect on the neighboring cities, including Maryvale. The urban town of Alhambra was one of the first subdivisions of Phoenix and experienced most of its growth in the mid-20th century.

It was originally built to attract military families stationed at nearby Luke Air Force Base with affordable housing. While this area is still fairly affordable, it is important to be aware that low-income areas can be subject to crime. Encanto is another neighborhood in Phoenix that is known for being relatively safe. Crimes in Encanto tend to be non-violent home invasions and property theft.

It's common to steal things or graffiti in Encanto, but it's quite rare to get assaulted at gunpoint. Despite this, it's still important to take precautions when living in Encanto or any other neighborhood in Phoenix. Overall, Phoenix is a great place to live if you take the necessary precautions and stay away from hazardous areas like Downtown and South Phoenix. With its beautiful mountain views and affordable housing options, there are plenty of safe neighborhoods in Phoenix where you can call home.

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