The Dangers of Living in Phoenix

Living in Phoenix can be a risky endeavor. The city is known for its high rate of violent crime, including assaults, robberies, and rapes. It is important to be aware of the hazardous areas and to avoid them at all costs. Additionally, Phoenix is a heavily trafficked city, leading to an uncontrolled number of pedestrian fatalities in the South Phoenix area.

The Phoenix Police Department is currently asking for the public's help in finding Jessica Burris, 32, who is connected to the shooting death of Michelle Tate at the Canyon Palms apartments last December. When deciding between Phoenix and Scottsdale, it can be difficult to choose between the two Arizona cities. However, both offer great amenities and are close by. The Phoenix Police Department has also partnered with the state of Arizona to study and address the increase in crime along 27th Avenue between Indian School Road and Northern Avenue.

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