Where should you not live in phoenix?

Neighborhoods to Avoid in PhoenixCentral city (except the area around Central Avenue), Alahambra, Encanto, South Mountain, North Mountain, Glendale, Maryvale. Predominantly a working-class neighborhood with extreme boundaries, 134,116 people live here. Most residents complain about drug trafficking and a lot of shooting. It looks like a scene in GTA where there are constant extortions from cops, noisy car races and car thefts.

The total crime is 6,825 per 100,000 residents, and this constitutes 5,489 property crimes. This crime rate makes Alahambra 165% higher than the national average. Here it is labeled as one of the worst neighborhoods in Phoenix. Most residents of this neighborhood walk everywhere except the west.

It is recommended to avoid it after 9 pm or move in groups, especially for women. This may be one of the most diverse areas of the valley, and it has only 55,112 people. Rumor has it that there are more people involved in criminal business in Laveen than in other parts of the city. Certainly, crime, in general, is quite high in many areas here, making Laveen one of the areas to avoid in Phoenix.

Residents mention cases of assaults, robberies, robberies, vandalism and frequent shooting. From a safety standpoint, the 59th 26 reference area is not the best, and north of the south to the bottom of Salt River from 7th Ave. 48th Street should be kept away from. Much of the reputation for crime has been lost as better neighborhoods have begun to outnumber dangerous ones.

Maryvale isn't the safest, but it's not the most dangerous than before. Property crimes prevail over violent crimes, being 3,553 against 784 against total crime of 4,336 per 100,000 residents. In Maryvale, residents have a 1 in 24 chance of being a victim of crime. With the few high-crime areas in Phoenix, the average Phoenix citizen has a 1 in 24 chance of being a victim of crime.

In Paradise Valley, you have a 1 in 41 chance of being the victim of a crime. What is particularly perverse about this neighborhood is how walking, walking, biking and all methods of exploration can be done without any care. There is even little or no incidence of robbery and pickpocketing. Although carrying bundles of cash may not be pushed right away, it won't be the worst thing to do in this neighborhood.

Known as the world's largest cul-de-sac, this neighborhood is located in lower Phoenix, below South Mountain. And there are a total of approximately 80,000 people living here. Tukee, as the locals affectionately nicknamed, is only known for minor offenses, never violent. Considering that the population and total crime per resident is 1,796, this neighborhood is alien to a real crime.

Over the years, what is known as crime in Tukee declined 3%, leaving once again a safe neighborhood. Safer than 84% of Arizona cities. This neighborhood may be known as one of the safest neighborhoods in Phoenix. Five Neighborhoods Top List of Places to Avoid When Visiting or Moving to Phoenix.

They are Central City, South Mountain, Valeen, Alhambra and Encanto. Although the reports of other violent crimes are not that high, the number of rapes alone is enough to make it one of the most dangerous places to live in Arizona, not to mention that it is a major cause of concern for parents who take their children to study at Arizona State University. The 686 parks and recreational areas in the Phoenix metro area have the same problem, but few of the 4,485,930 people in the greater Phoenix region live near recreational facilities. .

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