What are Arizona's Area Codes?

Arizona, the home of the Grand Canyon, has five area codes.


, 520, 480, 623, and 928 are the area codes that cover the state. Arizona has had five area code divisions and does not use any area code overlap. The 602 area code was the first to be established in 1947 and it originally covered the entire state.

Since then, additional area codes have been added to accommodate the growing population. The 520 area code was added in 1995 and covers most of southern Arizona, including Tucson. The 480 area code was added in 1999 and covers most of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The 623 area code was added in 2001 and covers most of western Arizona, including Glendale and Peoria.

The 928 area code was added in 2001 and covers most of northern Arizona, including Flagstaff.When dialing a phone number within Arizona, you must always include the area code. If you are dialing a number from outside of Arizona, you must include the state's three-digit area code followed by the seven-digit phone number.It is important to know which area code you are calling when making a call within Arizona. Knowing which area code you are calling can help you save time and money when making long distance calls.If you are looking for information about Arizona's area codes, you can find it online or by contacting your local telephone company.

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